Pierre Roussia - Artiste animalier - Peintre lithographe

Pierre Roussia

Pierre Roussia was born in 1951 in Plouzévédé (north Finistère)

Since his childhood, he has lived in harmony with the natural world around him, and his tireless and passionate observation enables him to transcribe onto paper, canvas, or by sculpture, different snapshots taken in the field. An admirer of animal painters such as Reboussin, Oberthur, Léon Danchin, Riab, Rosa Bonheur, he studied for 5 years at the Fine Arts faculty in Rennes, where he did drawing, painting, engraving, sculpture and lithography.

He started his activity in 1976, and in 1985, set up his own lithography studio, where he made his own prints using the original 1796 lithographic technique on a stone and 1830 hand press.

He started doing taxidermy at the age of 10, and continued this alongside his art activities until 1985, winning the 'Best Workman in France' award in 1979. This experience gives him models, in addition to his observations in the field, for the precision work which he produces.

Illustrations and books

Pierre Roussia's work has been published in numerous hunting magazines, including the National Hunting Magazine (Revue Nationale de la Chasse), Hunting Knowledge (Connaissance de la Chasse), Pleasures of Hunting (Plaisirs de la Chasse), St Hubert, Wild Boar Enthusiast (Sangliers Passion), Woodcock Enthusiast (Bécasse Passion), Woodcock Hunter (Chasseur de Bécasse)...

It has also featured in some books such as various anthologies by Jean-Jacques Brochier : 'Woodcock', 'Rabbit', 'Snipe', 'Wild Duck' ; the official publications of the Woodstock Hunters' Club ; 3 works by Bernard Polignac : 'Deer : Silent Hunting', 'Deer : The Story of a Passion', 'Successful Big Game Shooting' ; 'Lady Woodcock' and 'The Woodcock Dictionary', by Pierre Verdet ; 'Cooking Game Birds' by the late and talented Benoît Violier.


Trade Fairs
Game Fair, Country Show, SICAT, Big Game trade fair

Personal Exhibitions
France, Canada, Netherlands, England, Spain

Permanent Exhibition
Gallery, 24 Rue du Port (town centre), 35260 Cancale