Pierre ROUSSIA - Peintre Animalier, lithographe et sculpteur


Peintre Animalier, lithographe et sculpteur

24 rue du port - 35260 Cancale - FRANCE- Tél.: 06 70 99 74 90 - 02 99 73 68 22
E-Mail: info@pierre-roussia.com
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Once the sculpture of original woodcock finished, the model is entrusted to the founder who after having moulded it - will make waxes in conformity of them with the original - to carry out his bronze pullings.
A large work of chiselling is necessary after the release from the mould, the successful patina will give it life.
All these bronzes are published with 8 specimens + 4 specimens (tests of artist)


The lithographic technique discovered in 1796 by Aloys Senefelder is only currently employed by some rare artists.
This old technique of printing works requires a long, rigorous, precise work and meticulous person.
The principle of the lithography (of the Greek lithographies: hone, graphein: to write) consistes in drawing on a stone.
This stone of Solenhofen, receptive to any shape of grease, granulated by hand, perfectly plane then will receive the hand drawing of the artist via lithographic pencils and ink.
Once the work completed, a solution of gum arabic and nitric acid will be versed on the total surface of the stone. This mixture will tackle the virgin parts of the stones not protected by the drawing. The stone will be then removed from the drawing using gasoline of thérébenthine then inked with the manual roller to reveal the drawing. The stone placed on the carriage of the armed press, will allow the multiplication of the prints. Once finished pulling, the stone will be granulated i.e. sandpapered manually using water and sand of Fontainebleau and will be ready to receive a new drawing.

All the phases, drawing, preparation of the stone, impression and grainage are carried out by Pierre ROUSSIA in his workshop.


Two techniques are employed :
  1. The first technique consists in drawing different stones as many than there are colors and to print color after color, from clearest to darkest that demand a very precise work.
  2. The second consists on enlumining by hand each lithography printed of black and white while having had the care of preparing all the mixtures of colors
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