Pierre ROUSSIA - Peintre Animalier, lithographe et sculpteur


Peintre Animalier, lithographe et sculpteur

24 rue du port - 35260 Cancale - FRANCE- Tél.: 06 70 99 74 90 - 02 99 73 68 22
E-Mail: info@pierre-roussia.com
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Pierre ROUSSIA    (animalist)  
Pierre ROUSSIA was born in 1951 in Plouzévédé (Northern Finistere). Since his more tender childhood, he lives in osmosis with the nature which surrounds him. Untiring and passioned observer, he retranscribes on paper, the fabric or through the sculpture, different instantaneous catch on the ground. Admiror of animalist painters like Reboussin, Oberthur, Leon Danchin, Riab… he follows 5 years of artistic studies at the Art School of Rennes where he practises the drawing, painting, engraving, the sculpture and the lithography. Installed in 1976, he will own his workshop of lithography in 1985 where he carries out his lithographic works according to the original lithographic technique of 1796 on stone and on a 1830 press. In 1990 he opened his "museum and workshop of animalist art" where the visitors can discover his paintings of woodcocks, his lithographies of woodcocks, his bronzes of woodcocks. In July 2013 the museum was transfered to the union of the hunters of the Côtes d'Armor. Since summer 2013 pierre Roussia setted down in Cancale where it opened a gallery.

Illustrations, reviews and bookss
Illustrations, reviews and books Works of Pierre ROUSSIA are published in many hunting reviews such as: Hunting, Connnaissance of hunting, St Hubert, Wild boar Passion, Woodcock Passion, the hunter of woodcock in some books like the Anthology of the woodcock, rabbit, The Snipe, Wild ducks, Mordorée, the Roe-deer, To draw well big game, Roe-deer, of Bernard de Polignac and Dame woodcock of Pierre Verdet, a homage to scolopax in the form of paintings of woodcocks, drawings of woodcocks, lithographies of woodcocks.

  • Exhibitions on huntings: Game Fair, Country Show, Living room of big game
  • Personal exposure in France, Canada, Netherlands, England and Spain
  • Permanent exposure (La Chapelle Thouarault)

    Original lithographies drawn on lithographic stones and printed on a 1830 press by Pierre ROUSSIA in his lithographic workshop.
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